Thermolift - High Intensity Focused RF

Thermolift uses radiofrequency energy to tighten the collagen in the skin, thereby filling out wrinkles and fine lines. The system targets all three layers of facial skin with the goal of keeping the skin rejuvenated and strong for years. Patients generally feel no pain during the treatment. As the collagen in the dermis and the subcutaneous layer begin to stretch and sag, the skin loses some of its firmness and naturally smooth texture. The Thermolift procedure targets these collagen-containing layers. The Thermolift system utilizes a specialized treatment tip called the ThermaTip, which delivers the CRF energy to the skin in controlled amounts. The ThermaTip uniformly heats the treatment area, stimulating collagen growth by essentially tricking the body into thinking it has suffered an injury and therefore needs to regrow collagen to restore the skin's structure. Thermolift Hi-RF achieves similar results to HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultasound) but instead of focusing just on the SMAS layer of the skin, Thermolift targets the epidermis, Dermis and Smas layer increasing the overall skin tightening effect. HI-RF is also safer than HIFU with no downtime whatsoever.

Thermolift VS Surgical Face Lift & Standard RF

Thermolift is a facial cosmetic treatment aimed at reducing subtle fine lines and wrinkles, cheek folds, and droopiness in the face by way of a quick, non-invasive procedure. Surgical face lift is a better option for patients who would like to achieve more dramatic and longer-lasting results. Results of face lift can last from five to ten years, whereas Thermolift treatments typically last approximately two years. Face lift involves the surgical tightening of facial muscles, the rearranging of underlying facial structures, and the trimming of excess skin. Surgical face lift is also more feasible an option for patients who can't afford the expense and the recovery time associated with an invasive cosmetic procedure. Thermolift treatment does not require incisions or any downtime. Thermolift is also a potentially ideal alternative for patients who are not eligible for face lift. Thermolift differs dramatically from your standard RF treatments. Standard RF treatments only tightens the epidermis where as Thermolift HI-RF tightens all the layers of the skin, the Epidermis, Dermis and SMAS. The rejuvenation effect is far more efficient with Thermolift HI-RF.

What Is Thermolift Treatment Like?

In general, the higher the setting used during the Thermolift procedure, the more impressive the final results; however, there will also be an increased risk of discomfort. The preparation for each treatment will vary depending on the individual Thermage candidate. Patients report a brief, deep heating sensation with every touch of the ThermaTip device. Applied to the outer layer of skin (the dermis) is Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serum so that the visible layers of skin are not damaged while also hydrating and conditioning the skin. Each touch of the ThermaTip covers approximately one-half to three-quarters of a square inch, and each pulse lasts between two and seven seconds.

How long do the results of Thermolift treatment last?

Thermolift treatment is a quick and relatively simple procedure. The actual treatment may take anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours, depending on the scope of the procedure in question. The more area to be covered, the longer the procedure will be. A bit more time should be added for consultation with the physician before and after the procedure.

Are Thermolift results immediate?

The initial results of Thermolift are immediately apparent, but to see the full benefits of undergoing the procedure, a patient has to wait four to six months for tightening and collagen growth to be complete. At that point, the procedure will have run its course, and the results should be evident for the next few years. On going treatments every 3 months prolong the effects of Thermolift keeping your skin healthy and youthful for years to come.

Thermolift Treatments   Deal
Face & Neck (50 mins) £299 £99
Face & Neck with Chest (boob lift) (90 mins) £399 £159
Eye Lift & Crows Feet (20 mins) £199 £69
Body Cavitation (40 mins) £250 £99
Thermolift Skin Rewind Courses   Deal
Face & Neck (4 Sessions) One every week for 4 weeks  £1196 £300
Face & Neck with Chest (boob lift) (4 Sessions) One every week for 4 weeks £1596 £500
Eye Lift & Crows Feet (4 Sessions) One every week for 4 weeks £796 £200
Body Cavitation (4 Sessions) One every week for 4 weeks (Prices per area) £1000 £300

All Thermolift facials come with a complimentary hot towel cleanse using La Biosthetique Visarome essential oils.

After you have completed a skin rewind course you will then qualify for Thermolift Skin Rewind maintenance sessions. Buy a course of 6 sessions to be used over 12 months and receive 50% off the individual treatment deal price. The 6 sessions must be paid for in advance. T&Cs apply.


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