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The KeraStraight's family of treatments and styling products will radically transform your hair, leaving it feeling repaired, looking gorgeous & easy to manage. Every product is designed to deliver like no other as a result of combining the latest technology with our commitment to excellence and our passion for gorgeous hair. Whether you’re looking to grow your hair, save time when styling or to smooth out the curl, KeraStraight has the perfect solution for all your hair needs.

KeraStraight is an evolution in straightening and repair. The semi-permanent treatment has been designed to transform even the most difficult hair into stronger, straighter, repaired hair that’s easy to maintain and gorgeous to the touch. KeraStraight is perfect if your hair is dry or damaged, curly, wavy or frizzy or too thick which  takes too long to dry and style. 

KeraStraight is designed to be suitable for all hair types. It straightens & repairs simultaneously, eliminates frizz, strengthens hair to the very last tip and helps with it being humidity resistant. You get all of this with the benefit of it being Formaldehyde free.


At the avenue hair and skin we offer 3 levels of KeraStraight treatments.

KeraStraight Standard  - This includes the full KeraStraight treatment.

KeraStraight Deluxe - This contains the full KeraStraight treatment with the added bonus of the take home shampoo & conditioner.

KeraStraight Ultimate - This contains all the above plus an 8-week hair Intense Boost in-salon treatment that also includes a blow dry. The hair Intense Boost is designed to prolong the effects of your KeraStraight treatment and to further smooth strengthen and de-frizz your hair for longer.

KeraStraight Standard Fine/Normal Hair £135          Deal £115                      
KeraStraight Standard Thick Hair £155 Deal £135
KeraStraight Deluxe Fine/Normal Hair £155 Deal £135        
Kerastraight Deluxe Thick Hair £175 Deal £155
KeraStraight Ultimate Fine/Normal          £175 Deal £155        
KeraStraight Ultimate Thick Hair £195 Deal £175
KeraStraight Intense Boost Fine/Normal  £40          
KeraStraight Intense Boost Thick Hair £60

Available with selected stylists only. Deal prices are valid with Briony, Mollie and Coco only. No further discounts apply.

Cancellation terms and conditions: A £20 deposit is required for all new customers at time of booking. 24hr cancellation policy applies for all KeraStraight treatments or full payment of services will be required in advance before your next booking. Prices are quoted on fine to Normal hair and thick hair. The stylist will advise the correct hair density and price accordingly.