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Thread veins

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Thread veins, also known as spider veins, usually appear across the nose & cheek area & are often difficult to cover up on a 
daily basis. It’s not 100% clear why we get these veins, but it’s thought that heat, exposure to the sun, alcohol & hormonal changes along with hereditary factors can trigger them. Our IPL vein removal treatments have helped hundreds of clients reduce the visibility of their red facial veins.

The IPL is flashed over the area to heat and damage blood vessel walls, shrinking the targeted veins and making them disappear. Once they’ve broken down, the body drains them away in the lymphatic system. The best results are delivered to clients with fair to lightly tanned skin, but is not recommended for darker skin types. All red veins to be treated must be above the heart. There is no downtime associated with this treatment your skin in the treated area may be read for the next 24 hours.