The Nails Department is now open for business!

At the avenue hair & skin we believe in only using the best products available this is why we have chosen to use CjelP By CJP. Our fully qualified nail technician and salon manager Lee will create the nails of your dreams which will leaving you with a smile.

CjelP Soak-off Gel Polish

CjelP By CJP has created superior nail products within the nail industry. CJP is a British owned and British manufactured product that has undergone extensive testing to make sure that their products last and are kind to your nails. CJP is also owed by a nail technician.

CjelP has an extensive range of 87 Colours for you to choose from these include rich creamy nudes all the way to extremely vibrant reds and oranges to suit all tastes and events in your life.

CJelP Gel Polish will last you up to 2-3 weeks on hands and even longer on toes.

Structure Gel Overlay (BOB)

CJP have made adding strength to nails a doddle with there revolutionary products BOB (builder in a bottle). A Bob Overlay is used for people whose nails are prone to breakage and cracking or have uneven ridged nails. Bob adds strength to the natural nail as well as smoothing out bumps or ridges to help you maintain your desired length and shape. 

Polygel/Acrygel/Polibond Extensions or Natural Nail Overlay

Polygel/AcryGel/PoliBond is a relatively new product in the nail industry. Unlike products already on the marketPolygel/AcryGel/PoliBond is a hybrid product. What makesPolygel/AcryGel/PoliBond so unique is that it isn't a Gel or an Acrylic but a mixture of both. Creating such a product gives the wearer all the benefits of both with none of the drawbacks.Polygel/AcryGel/PoliBond is has no toxic odour it is lightweight, flexible and can be applied thinly like Gel but with the strength and ease of application of Acrylic.Polygel/AcryGel/PoliBond is nicer to your nails and creates smoother shinier finishes.

Polygel/AcryGel/PoliBond can be used as a natural nail overlay to protect natural nails from splits and cracks or it can be used to extend the nail to create length and shape.

Polygel/AcryGel/PoliBond will need to be infilled every 2-3 weeks to keep your nails looking their best. 

We DO NOT offer French Manicures. 

We offer 50% off to NEW customers wanting Gel Polish. First time offer on only £10.


Gel Polish Hands £20          
Gel Polish Hands with Structure Gel Overlay/BOB £25          
Gel Polish Toes £20          
Gel Polish Toes with Structure Gel Overlay/BOB £25          
Gel Polish Hand & Toes £35          
Gel Polish Hands & Toes With Soak off £40          
Gel Polish Hand & Toes with Structure Gel Overlay/BOB £40          
Gel Polish Removal/Soak Off (With Re-application) £5          
Gel Polish With Structure Gel Overlay/BOB Removal/Soak Off (with Re-application) £10          
Gel Polish Removal/Soak-Off (Without Re-application) £10 -        
Gel Polish With Structure Gel Overlay/BOB Removal/Soak-Off (Without Re-application)  £15 -        
Nail Repair after 3 days wear £2 per nail          
Polygel/AcryGel/PoliBond on Natural Nails £25          
Polygel/AcryGel/PoliBond Extend £30          
Polygel/AcryGel/PoliBond Infill £25          
Polygel/AcryGel/PoliBond Removal £15          


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