Radio-frequency Meso Biolift Skin Tightening


The Meso Biolift harnesses endothermic energy in order to firm & tighten the skin. This machine synchronises radio frequency and direct current in order to activate the regeneration of the skin cells and to penetrate active ingredients. 


The Meso Biolift is ideal for facial treatments in order to:

  • Firm, tone & hydrate the skin 

  • Recover the skin’s elasticity

  • Redefine the facial oval/shape

  • Smooth expression lines and wrinkles


How it Works


Radio frequency will cause a constriction of the collagen fibres, lifting and toning the skin as well as produce a localised increase of temperature, resulting in minor heat stress. This, in turn, stimulates the fibroblasts, which will regenerate the connective tissues (i.e. collagen & elastin) and increase circulation, bringing fresh nutrients to the cells. With the production of new collagen and elastin, you will see lasting results such as improved skin tone and condition and smoothed fine lines and wrinkles. The skin will be left feeling firm, hydrated, smooth and radiant.

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